Putting Calories on Menus

by admin on July 3, 2014

The numbers of people in Ireland affected by overweight and obesity have been increasing dramatically since 1990.

Our current food environment is dominated by high calorie ‘treats’ and ‘snacks’ in huge quantities – often offering better value for money when more is brought.

When food and drink is prepared outside of the home, the consumer simply does not know how many calories they are consuming. Foods and drinks that may be perceived as ‘healthy’ are often much higher in calories than consumers realise. Putting calories on menus will help the consumer make more informed food choices and allow them to keep an eye on their overall consumption of calories.

The creation of a healthier food environmental in Ireland cannot be achieved without food service businesses. The GOOD NEWS for food businesses is that this will not reduce their revenue. Research shows that putting calories on the menu highlights the attraction of smaller portions.

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